Luxury Garden Rooms

Extra space to work, rest and play

Extend with a garden room of your own

We are in a new and exciting era in terms of how ordinary people relate to and use their homes. Whereas, for instance, it was once unthinkable that so many of us would eventually work from home, the rise of the freelancer and independent professional has made that a reality. This is why so many North East homeowners invest in a garden room as the perfect home study.

However, that is far from the only reason to invest in a high quality garden room. You may simply desire more living space and see a garden building as an attractive, modern and cost-effective alternative to the traditional house extension or conservatory, or you may have a specific room idea in mind, such as an arts and crafts studio, bedroom or lounge.

Make Hobson Interiors your chosen garden building specialist

Our long-standing and hard-won expertise in cladding has served us well in the recent expansion of our service to all manner of other in-demand home improvement solutions. It has certainly taught us the importance of providing our clients with appliances, furniture and materials that are as incredible in quality as they are well-priced.

Here at Hobson Interiors, we are also renowned for the bespoke nature of the services that we provide to North East homeowners, characterised by a commitment to the very highest standard of customer care. Whatever you require and desire from a garden room, we can provide it, at a competitive price point and with the minimum of fuss.

Talk to our team today about the many other perks of our garden room service, ranging from our fastidious home surveying to our ability to design your garden room in 3D before we realise it in 'in the flesh'. Contact us by phone or visit us in our County Durham store.

  1. Come into our showroom and discover the full range of possibilities for your garden room.
  2. Have your garden room designed by one of our experts - you will be closely involved throughout the process, and only need to give your approval when you are happy with the end result.
  3. Invite our professional builders and fitters to your home, and sit back as our final garden room takes its jaw-dropping final shape.

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